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Word: sate
IPA transcription: [s'eɪt]
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: satiate, sate, replete, fill
    Meaning: fill to satisfaction; "I am sated"
Usage examples
  • And Margaret sate abashed.
  • I've sate up all night waiting for him.
  • And alone he sate listening to them--throughout the live-long night.
  • In our play hours she sate, or stood still, with a book, if possible.
  • By his side sate Augusta, and on the same seat with me were your Mother and Lady Dorothea.
  • He sate nervously in his chair; and once or twice might have been seen to start, as a servant entered the room.
  • She sate by the window on the little settle, sadly gazing out upon the gathering shades of night, which harmonised well with her pensive thought.
  • No longer looking listlessly around, he sate stooping forward, his eye carefully scanning the sward, over a wide space on both sides of the path he was pursuing.
  • He did not alight, nor show any sign of an intention to do so; but sate in the saddle, stooped forward, his eyes turned upon the ground, in that vacant gaze which denotes reflection.
  • As soon as they landed, the lad ordered all the sailors to go and bury themselves up to the eyes in a sandhill, so that they could barely see the ships. The lad and the captains climbed a high crag and sate down under a fir.