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Word: scarred
IPA transcription: [sk'ɑɹd]
Pronunciations of scarred
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: scarred
    Meaning: deeply affected or marked by mental or physical pain or injury; "Could her scarred mind ever be free of fear?"; "a face scarred by anxiety"; "the fire left her arm badly scarred"
  • Synonyms: marred, scarred
    Meaning: blemished by injury or rough wear; "the scarred piano bench"; "walls marred by graffiti"
Usage examples
  • He thought of the pitiful occupant--his face scarred, one socket eyeless--and shivered.
  • The sun was setting once more over the Virginia hills destined to be scarred so deeply by battle, but attack and defense went on.
  • Southward from the position in which they had formed they began to move, the squares and rectangles apparently sliding along the surface of the scarred and broken soil, the globes rolling.
  • It lasts, however, only a few seconds, vanishing with magical rapidity, to be succeeded by others along the fire-line at irregular intervals, tree after tree, upflashing and darting, leaving the trunks and branches scarcely scarred.
  • Indeed, I may say--without vanity, I hope--that I held something like pre-eminence among them. One or two, whom in a rare access of high spirits I had scarred rather badly, bore me a grudge; but it vented itself chiefly behind my back, and at a safe distance from my missiles, in grimaces.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Phoebe (moon), License CC BY-SA 4.0