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Word: scoundrels
IPA transcription: [sk'aʊndɹəlz]
Usage examples
  • "I wish I'd caught them at it; the scoundrels!
  • I don't want those scoundrels to find out what I am about to do.
  • There were to be seen great scoundrels who had startled the world with their frightful crimes.
  • You and your ten surviving scoundrels are a menace on this ship. More than that, she is none so well found in water and provisions.
  • He who had the most immediate and the most obvious interest in exposing and resisting the scoundrels, ought to have taken the lead in putting them down.
  • 'You see,' pursued Mr. Brownlow; 'placing this poor girl entirely out of the question, and supposing it were possible to bring these scoundrels to justice without compromising her safety, what good should we bring about?'
  • You are ten times worse,' says I, 'than that green goods man. You go to church at home and pretend to be a decent citizen, but you'll come to Chicago and commit larceny from men that have built up a sound and profitable business by dealing with such contemptible scoundrels as you have tried to be to-day.
  • I shall be afraid to leave you here with these devilish scoundrels." But when she put the suggestion to Usanga the black immediately suspected some plan to thwart him--possibly to carry him against his will back to the German masters he had traitorously deserted, and glowering at her savagely, he obstinately refused to entertain the suggestion.