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Word: scourge
IPA transcription: [sk'ɝdʒ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: scourge, flagellum
    Meaning: a whip used to inflict punishment (often used for pedantic humor)
Usage examples
  • In their hands they bear either a dagger, scourge, torch, or serpent.
  • Thanks to the curative powers of Apis, scarlatina has ceased to be a scourge to childhood.
  • The moment that the last of the Macedonian dynasty was gone, the elements of discord seemed unchained, and the double scourge of civil war and foreign invasion began to afflict the empire.
  • Nor did the unbelieving king escape without the scourge of Divine severity in chastisement and correction; for he was troubled with frequent fits of madness, and possessed by an unclean spirit.
  • Do you know, Calvin," he turned abruptly toward his friend, "I have been tempted of late to lash myself with a scourge. If I had lived in Martin Luther's time I should have bared my back to a self-inflicted torture."
  • The Americans have no neighbors, and consequently they have no great wars, or financial crises, or inroads, or conquest to dread; they require neither great taxes, nor great armies, nor great generals; and they have nothing to fear from a scourge which is more formidable to republics than all these evils combined, namely, military glory.