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Word: screened
IPA transcription: [sk╔╣'ind]
Pronunciations of screened
Usage examples
  • The cause could not be precisely guessed, for the French dress was screened by the impeding crowd.
  • At the same moment the curtain of spray that screened the on-coming chaser died down, her fine and sinister lines becoming discernible.
  • This platform is screened from the street by dark blue cotton curtains or awnings hung from the low projecting eaves of the heavy roof.
  • She moved her arm slightly from before her eyes so that she could see, and looked cautiously from under thick lashes, screened by the sleeve of her coat.
  • Accordingly I sat down, and feeling rather tired, and disinclined for further talk, I asked leave to look at the old book which still screened the window.
  • And these paths are bordered and screened, figuratively and literally, with bush and trees of his own selection, setting out and cultivation--shelters of the familiar, the habitual, the customary.
  • A few more steps brought the party to the skirts of the thicket, where it bordered on a small clearing, opening upon the river, and looking across which--while they were themselves screened by the jungle--they discovered the dark hull of the "Sea Witch," with her lower masts and their standing rigging.
  • Rows of plants in pots, ranged on the balustrade between the pilasters of the arches, screened the corredor with their leaves and flowers from the quadrangle below, whose paved space is the true hearthstone of a South American house, where the quiet hours of domestic life are marked by the shifting of light and shadow on the flagstones.
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