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Word: scruples
IPA transcription: [skɹ'upəlz]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: conscience, scruples, moral_sense, sense_of_right_and_wrong
    Meaning: motivation deriving logically from ethical or moral principles that govern a person's thoughts and actions
Usage examples
  • He had gone too far to stick at any scruples.
  • But he had religious scruples, which hindered the execution of such a plan.
  • But if--I had loved him--I should not have consulted your scruples, Lady Henry."
  • I approve of all you do in my absence; but it would be nonsense, and appear affected, to carry your scruples too far.
  • "Very," said I. "The only safe way out of it would be to kill the young woman, and my religious scruples are strongly against anything of the sort.
  • In sending her to Howard Grove, not one of these scruples arise; and therefore Mrs. Clinton, a most worthy woman, formerly her nurse, and now my housekeeper, shall attend her thither next week.
  • But let the occasion arise, either in the pursuit of game or in some case of necessity, and she at once throws all her scruples overboard, and goes overboard after them, wetting both feet and fur with a will.
  • He was not tormented by sentimental scruples which, as he had demonstrated to himself by a very rapid course of argument, had no relation to solid utility; but his freedom from scruples did not release him from the dread of what was disagreeable.
  • But in the present danger which threatened their cause, all scruples were laid aside; and the covenant, by whose means alone they could expect to obtain so considerable a reenforcement as the accession of the Scottish nation, was received without opposition.
  • It was demonstrated that the arrangement had only been undertaken to provide the Christian princes with another weapon for attacking the Ottoman Empire, and before this consideration, one may readily suppose, all the pope's scruples vanished; on the 25th of June, therefore, it was decided to call a consistory which was to declare Frederic deposed from the throne of Naples.