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Word: sectional
IPA transcription: [s'ɛkʃənəl]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: sectional
    Meaning: a piece of furniture made up of sections that can be arranged individually or together
Usage examples
  • The first move is to develop sectional organization by Zones.
  • Still, slavery, though sectional, was a part of the national system of economy.
  • Originally he came from one of the Gulf States, his lank six feet, slurring rhythm of speech, and sectional idioms giving evidence of his birthplace.
  • Turning from the consideration of this question in its sectional aspect, I now invite attention to its general effect upon the character of our institutions.
  • The fruit somewhat resembles in magnitude and general appearance one of our citron melons of ordinary size; but, unlike the citron, it has no sectional lines drawn along the outside.
  • We should not omit to refer once more to the most prolific source of sectional strife and alienation, which is believed to have been the question of the tariff, or duties upon imports.
  • If our principle, put in practice, would wrong your section for the benefit of ours, or for any other object, then our principle, and we with it, are sectional, and are justly opposed and denounced as such.