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Word: seductive
IPA transcription: [sɪd'ʌktɪv]
Pronunciations of seductive
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: seductive
    Meaning: tending to entice into a desired action or state
Usage examples
  • She gave it up just because it was so powerfully seductive.
  • "You'll know some day, little missis, that a wean knows its own pair of arms," her seductive voice came.
  • We have made unto ourselves a truly seductive home, within the walls of which peace, quiet, and comfort reign supreme.
  • "I ought to thank you, Miss Thorn, instead of you thanking me," said Vancouver, in a seductive voice, on one side of Joe.
  • Pat came over, but his most seductive purrs won no notice from his mistress, who refused herself the pleasure of even patting him.
  • The little glass-knob insulators made seductive targets for ignorant sportsmen. Attempts to insulate the line wire were limited to coating it with tar or smearing it with wax for the benefit of all the bees in the neighborhood.
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