Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: selwyn
IPA transcription: [s'ɛlwɪn]
Usage examples
  • And this was Selwyn's way.
  • It was a fascinating game to Selwyn.
  • After her in his affections came Selwyn, whom he soon saw was the most intelligent of the whole litter.
  • Selwyn now devoted himself to the making of enough conservative senators to control comfortably that body.
  • One of the Supreme Court justices died, two retired because of age, and all were replaced by men suggested by Selwyn.
  • I will write to Mrs. Selwyn, and tell her how much I wish your return; and Mrs. Clinton can take sufficient care of you.
  • Selwyn used the weekly press so that he could reach the fireside of every farmer and the dweller in the small country towns.
  • But, after he had been bitterly assailed by Selwyn's papers and by his senators, he made no further attempts at independence.
  • Selwyn's force, from end to end, was composed of able men who did a full day's work under the eye of their watchful taskmaster.
  • After the nomination, Selwyn had trusted men put in charge of the campaign, which he organized himself, though largely under cover.