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Word: seniors
IPA transcription: [s'injɚz]
Pronunciations of seniors
Usage examples
  • The master has called the seniors to his aid, and I order you to speak.
  • "It will be a sorry day for the seniors when we line up on the twelfth."
  • They were met at the gate by Julia and four other seniors, and the whole party set out for the Omnibus House without delay.
  • "So he ought," said Eames, getting up from his chair in his eagerness, and speaking in a tone somewhat louder than was perhaps becoming in the presence of his seniors.
  • When he gets found out, he had better not come within reach of the seniors; I warn him of that: they might not leave him a head on his shoulders, or a tooth in his mouth."
  • About a hundred juniors and seniors resigned from their clubs in a final fury of righteousness, and the clubs in helplessness turned upon Burne their finest weapon: ridicule.
  • "If you girls carry this hatchet to school and exhibit it to the seniors on the day of the game you are apt to start bad feeling all over again," she said, turning to the others.
  • "Yesterday," continued Julia, "I overheard two juniors plotting to get possession of this same hatchet for the purpose of flaunting it in the faces of the seniors at the opening basketball game.
  • "This morning I overheard certain girls planning to go out to the Omnibus House after school to-morrow and dig up the poor hatchet and flaunt it in the seniors' faces the day of the opening basketball game, simply to rattle us.
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