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Word: seventh
IPA transcription: [s'ɛvənθ]
Pronunciations of seventh
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: seventh, 7th
    Meaning: coming next after the sixth and just before the eighth in position
Usage examples
  • "Because her mother broke the seventh commandment?
  • A Translation of The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman
  • Nowadays, we should simply record the fact and look out for a seventh.
  • For six days and nights the storm raged, but on the seventh day it subsided and the flood began to abate.
  • The Witch tossed up the ladder, trying to catch it upon this point, and on the seventh attempt she succeeded.
  • Thus farther still upon the outermost Head of that seventh circle all alone I went, where sat the melancholy folk.
  • Seven spears, and the seventh Was wrought as the faerie blades, And given to Elf the minstrel By the monstrous water-maids;
  • He lived in a vast hotel near that part of London called Seventh Way, and had very large and comfortable apartments on the seventeenth floor.
  • On the seventh day they all started, amidst thunderous salutes from the ramparts of the city, and much dust, and cheering, and blaring of trumpets.
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