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Word: sew
IPA transcription: [s'oʊ]
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: sew, run_up, sew_together, stitch
    Meaning: fasten by sewing; do needlework
Usage examples
  • Stuff the fish and sew it up.
  • But you must sit here and sew, hungry and cold.
  • Add a beaten egg to bind, stuff the fish, and sew up.
  • She told him stories of Dowie and Mademoiselle and how they had taught her to sew and embroider.
  • Stuff the fish, sew up, put in a buttered baking-pan, dredge with flour, dot with butter, and bake.
  • "I hope the doctors will sew up the place quick 'fore it does fall out," she added, with a look of deep concern.
  • I have got a frock which I will bring with me as a present for Potsey; and I will make her sew on the buttons for herself.
  • I want you to sew my lovely poppies over the collar and facings of the jacket, just spacing them a little and making a dainty irregularity.
  • "Baba Mustapha," said she, "you must make haste and sew the parts of this body together; and when you have done, I will give you another piece of gold."
  • As soon as a girl passed her fifteenth birthday, she began to sew for the "bottom drawer." But all those things change so, I dare say it's different now.'