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Word: shavings
IPA transcription: [ʃ'eɪvɪŋz]
Usage examples
  • It was full of little brown chips that looked like the shavings of some root.
  • "It consists of a lot of shavings, sawdust and, what's more, a lot of soot and lampblack that we used in mixing some paint.
  • They shed shavings, sawdust and lampblack at every step, and from their clothes and hands and faces dripped the carmine paint.
  • Some of you must have left shavings or something in the eaves, and it has washed down into the pipe, so that the water pours over the gutter in sheets!"
  • And when the maiden appeared, clad in her white smock, flames of fire curled about her, and the Romans brought some torches, and some straw, and some shavings, and fires were kindled in Rome again.
  • A fire of shavings was then lighted, and kept burning in a large raised chafing-dish; the fireman plunged his head into the middle of the flames with his face to the fuel, and in that position went several times round the chafing-dish for a period longer than a minute.