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Word: sherwood
IPA transcription: [ʃ'ɝw,ʊd]
Pronunciations of sherwood
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Sherwood, Robert_Emmet_Sherwood
    Meaning: United States playwright (1896-1955)
Usage examples
  • But that would not be like Tom Sherwood!
  • That visit to the lumber camp was memorable for Nan Sherwood in more ways than one.
  • The day was bright, the sky blue, and Sherwood had taken upon itself early summer raiment.
  • But it all lay with the result of Momsey's and Papa Sherwood's visit to Scotland and Emberon Castle.
  • Momsey and Papa Sherwood had sent it from Glasgow, and were on their way to Edinburgh before Nan received the word.
  • He had offered money to have Mr. Sherwood beaten up, and the ruffians he had bribed would doubtless be only too eager to earn the reward.
  • Many people were more or less interested in the case and they came to the Sherwood home and talked excitedly about it in the big kitchen.
  • These, and many other subjects of thought, kept the mind of Nan Sherwood occupied during the first few weeks of her sojourn at Pine Camp.
  • For, despite Mrs. Henry Sherwood's bruskness and masculine appearance, Nan learned that there were certain matters over which her aunt showed extreme nervousness.
  • And Uncle Henry believed that Toby, with his old-time knowledge of land-boundaries, could tell, if he would, which was right in the present contention between Mr. Sherwood and Gedney Raffer.
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