Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: shirts
IPA transcription: [ʃ'ɝts]
Usage examples
  • "It was on shirts they made acquaintance," said Edith pensively.
  • Shirts were now brisk, and the hours appallingly long in this heat.
  • We found nothing, however, except a box of razors and two linen shirts.
  • From a cupboard he pulled out one of his old shirts, which he tore in pieces.
  • This barge was rowed by six black men in check shirts and black vel-vet caps.
  • We had to thaw our moccasins each morning by thrusting them inside our shirts.
  • One day she heard him imploring the little slavey to put some buttons on his shirts.
  • "I reckon not as I don't own any clothes but what I set in, except a couple of old shirts and them socks.
  • The boys wore shoe-packs, blue flannel shirts with enormous pearl buttons, and mackinaws of crimson, lemon yellow, and foxy brown.
  • When he'd gone out, Anna came downstairs, calmly demanded his shirts, and, having the slavey under her thumb, got them, walked off with them, and mended them all.