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Word: siamese
IPA transcription: [s,aɪəm'iz]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Thai, Siamese, Central_Thai
    Meaning: a branch of the Tai languages
Usage examples
  • This tallies with the description given by Mr. Darwin of the Malayan and also the Siamese cats.
  • "I may add that we lately have had four kittens from the chocolate cat by a pure dun Siamese he-cat.
  • "It is my intention to try and breed from a white English female with blue eyes, and a Siamese male.
  • Poodle) had three kittens by an English cat; but none showed any trace of the Siamese, being all tabby.
  • "The Siamese cats are very prolific breeders, having generally five at each litter, and three litters a year.
  • "I have heard a little more regarding the Siamese cats from Miss Walker, the daughter of General Walker, who brought over one male and three females.
  • Hitherto we have never had any half-bred Siamese; but there used to be a male Siamese at Hurworth-on-Tees, and there were many young bred from English cats.
  • So when the Siamese need rain, they set out their idols in the blazing sun; but if they want dry weather, they unroof the temples and let the rain pour down on the idols.
  • "The dun Siamese we have has won whenever shown; the body is of a dun colour, nose, part of the face, ears, feet, and tail of a very dark chocolate brown, nearly black, eyes of a beautiful blue by day, and of a red colour at night!
  • Mr. Young, of Harrogate, possesses a chocolate variety of this Royal Siamese cat; it was sent from Singapore to Mr. Brennand, from whom he purchased it, and is described as "most loving and affectionate," which I believe is usually the case.