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Word: sicily
IPA transcription: [s'ɪsəli]
Pronunciations of sicily
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Sicily, Sicilia
    Meaning: the Italian region on the island of Sicily
Usage examples
  • Piazzi called it Ceres, after the tutelary goddess of Sicily.
  • By the end of April 1893 there was great distress in Sicily for lack of water.
  • All this is only true of the mother country, for in Sicily they attained to very great power.
  • At Palermo, in Sicily, there is an extraordinary quantity of dogs wandering about without owners.
  • It was called "The Bay of the Fifteen Islets," and the action took place on St. John's Eve off the coast of Sicily.
  • A pail was brought, and he, crying 'Emperor, all hail! seek for me in Sicily,' jumped headlong into the pail, and vanished from their sight.
  • Daedalus passed the remainder of his life tranquilly in the island of Sicily, where he occupied himself in the construction of various beautiful works of art.
  • Meanwhile, however, quite independently of these arrangements in Germany, and entirely unknown to this committee, a quiet astronomer in Sicily, Piazzi, was engaged in making a catalogue of the stars.
  • The same winter the Athenians in Sicily and the Rhegians, with thirty ships, made an expedition against the islands of Aeolus; it being impossible to invade them in summer, owing to the want of water.
  • He had no fleet; and it was therefore impossible for him even to attempt to possess himself of Castile, of Arragon, of Sicily, of the Indies, in opposition to the united navies of the three greatest maritime powers in the world.
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