Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: sighs
IPA transcription: [s'aɪz]
Usage examples
  • Madame uttered fresh sighs.
  • "And yet a third time he sighs," said Smee.
  • The girls drew little unconscious sighs of relief.
  • Peace!' When the breeze is sharp it sighs and says: 'Pity!
  • The brave fellow, heaving deep sighs, began at last to lighten the balloon; but, from time to time, he would stop, and ask:
  • "Beauteous lady, dry your tears, Here's no cause for sighs or fears; Command as freely as you may, Enjoyment still shall mark your sway."
  • He is the good Pan, the great Shepherd.... at whose death were moanings, sighs, trepidations and lamentations in all the machine of the universe, heavens, earth, sea, hells.
  • She had Nature kohl'd eyes, heavy hips and thighs and waist of slenderest guise, her sight healed all maladies and quenched the fire of sighs, for she was even as the poet cries,
  • Thereupon she came forward, swinging her haunches and gracefully swaying a shape the handiwork of Him whose boons are hidden; and each of them stole one glance of the eyes that cost them a thousand sighs.