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Word: silas
IPA transcription: [s'aɪləs]
Usage examples
  • "That is true, my son," said Silas.
  • "Then do as I bid you, Silas Watson."
  • "As soon as you can, Silas," said the invalid.
  • "Patricia is quite right, Silas," she declared, "and I deserve all that she has said.
  • On the other hand, Silas Finn, with his enthusiasms, and his aspect of an inspired prophet, made alarming progress.
  • Once on coming out of his headquarters he met Silas, who was walking up the street with two or three of his committee-men.
  • And Uncle Silas he trusts everybody; sends the key to the punkin-headed nigger, and don't send nobody to watch the nigger.
  • As for Silas, he was proved to have been beside himself with terror when he made his abominable charge against his brother.
  • There was an angry tumult, and the interrupter would have fared badly, but for Silas Finn holding up his hand and imploring silence.
  • Towards the end of Silas Finn's speech, at his last great meeting, a man, sitting in the body of the hall near the platform, got up and interrupted him.