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Word: singly
IPA transcription: [s'ɪŋɡli]
Pronunciations of singly
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: singly
    Meaning: one by one; one at a time; "they were arranged singly"
Usage examples
  • Amidships was the conning-tower, with its four searchlights, so arranged as to be capable of being used singly or together.
  • No one doubts that temperament and nerves and illness and even praiseworthy modesty may, singly or combined, cause the speaker's cheek to blanch before an audience, but neither can any one doubt that coddling will magnify this weakness.
  • At that moment a little accident supervened, which seemed decreed by fate purposely to prove the truth of the adage, that "misfortunes never come singly," and to add to their distresses the vexing one of the slip between the cup and the lip.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Cattle egret, License CC BY-SA 4.0