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Word: sioux
IPA transcription: [s'u]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Sioux, Siouan
    Meaning: a member of a group of North American Indian peoples who spoke a Siouan language and who ranged from Lake Michigan to the Rocky Mountains
Usage examples
  • I was a little over four years old at the time of the "Sioux massacre" in Minnesota.
  • This city, Caracas, is about as large as Sioux City, Iowa, but to get to it is some job.
  • "There is no end to the fancies entertained by the Sioux concerning thunder," observes Mrs. Eastman.
  • The next year he was stationed at Fort Niobrara, in Nebraska, in command of the Sioux Indian Scouts.
  • Come on, ye scut!" And down they went, full tilt at the Sioux, yet heading to cover and reach the beleaguered party in the hollow.
  • When the Cariboo fever reached the East, the public there had heard neither of the Indian massacres in Oregon nor that the Sioux were on the war-path in Dakota.
  • The old plainsman who acted as guide bethought him of a ruse: he hoisted a flag of the Hudson's Bay Company and waved it in the face of the Sioux without speaking.
  • The story is told that as they slowly made their way in ox-carts up the river-bank, a band of horsemen swept over the horizon, and the travellers found themselves surrounded by Sioux warriors.
  • In 1890 he was shifted north to take the field against the Sioux Indians, in South Dakota, and in the Battle of Wounded Knee he had a considerable taste of burnt powder, where the tribe that had massacred General Custer and his band was practically wiped out.