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Word: skillfully
IPA transcription: [sk'ɪlfəli]
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: skillfully, skilfully
    Meaning: with skill; "fragments of a nearly complete jug, skillfully restored at the institute of archaeology"
Usage examples
  • This had been skillfully chosen.
  • They had never seen a breaking done more skillfully.
  • She was strong and swung an ax as skillfully as any man.
  • Judo techniques, however skillfully and powerfully applied, do not and can not kill instantly.
  • He was a slightly ragged man, who spat skillfully between his shoes and possessed a great fund of bland and infantile assurance.
  • The attack was skillfully planned and would undoubtedly have succeeded, but for the unexpected daring and promptitude displayed by Kit and his comrades.
  • The Anglo-Americans have enjoyed this liberty ever since the foundation of the settlements; moreover, the press cannot create human passions by its own power, however skillfully it may kindle them where they exist.