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Word: slippers
IPA transcription: [sl'ɪpɚz]
Pronunciations of slippers
Usage examples
  • Lawford had spent most of his time in pacing to and fro in his soft slippers.
  • Shall I make you a pair of slippers, or perhaps' with a smile--'a case for your nose?'
  • 'Where are my slippers, lazy crew?' cried the old woman, and hit about with her stick.
  • I retired to my upstairs sitting-room and got out Eliza Klinefelter's lavender slippers.
  • So he took off his shoes, which were shoes though he had trodden them down into slippers.
  • Then, silver slippers pointing motionlessly ceilingward, she got up onto her hands and walked twice around a vacant chair.
  • Mrs. Hall's gift was a warm and very pretty woollen wrapper of dark blue flannel, with a pair of soft knitted slippers to match.
  • First the felt boots and felt slippers made by Jaeger and then summer wind clothes and fur mits--nothing could be better than these articles.
  • His shuffling feet, in their flapping old carpet slippers, forgot their rheumatism, and his shoulders dropped the weight of their seventy years.
  • Levin pretended to be asleep, while Oblonsky, putting on his slippers, and lighting a cigar, walked out of the barn, and soon their voices were lost.
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