Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: smee
IPA transcription: [sm'i]
Usage examples
  • Smee reflected.
  • "And yet a third time he sighs," said Smee.
  • "What's a mother?" asked the ignorant Smee.
  • "That is all right, captain," Smee answered complacently; "we let her go."
  • "Luff, you lubber," cried an Irish voice that was Smee's; "here's the rock.
  • "Captain," said Smee, "could we not kidnap these boys' mother and make her our mother?"
  • "He doesn't know!" and always after this she felt that if you could have a pet pirate Smee would be her one.
  • It was the pirate dinghy, with three figures in her, Smee and Starkey, and the third a captive, no other than Tiger Lily.
  • "It is passing queer," Smee said, and they all fidgeted uncomfortably. Hook raised his voice, but there was a quiver in it.
  • Smee, much impressed, gazed at the bird as the nest was borne past, but the more suspicious Starkey said, "If she is a mother, perhaps she is hanging about here to help Peter."