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Word: smelt
IPA transcription: [sm'ɛlt]
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: smelt
    Meaning: extract (metals) by heating
Usage examples
  • Had he smelt them?"
  • It could be smelt and tasted.
  • The air too smelt more freshly than down beside the marsh.
  • When his wife came into the room she smelt round for an instant.
  • Its scent was so sweet that when you smelt it you forgot all your cares and troubles.
  • One of them, too, had smelt out that the lad had a pair of scissors which he cut out the clothes with.
  • "What an idea of a kangaroo!" sniffed Dot's friend, "why, a real kangaroo would have smelt or heard those Humans, and have bounded away far out of sight by now."
  • "Well," Mr. Engelman resumed, "Doctor Dormann asked his questions, and smelt and tasted the medicine, and with Madame Fontaine's full approval took away a little of it to be analyzed.
  • It was a single bare little room, with a white deal table, and a few old wooden chairs, a fire of fir-wood on the hearth, the smoke of which smelt sweet, and a patch of thick-growing heath in one corner.
  • 'May I ask,' I said, beginning to think that his yarn smelt somewhat fishy, 'what house this was?' 'The place,' he replied, as cool as a cucumber, 'is called Clover Cottage.' 'What's that!' I cried--I almost jumped out of my chair.