Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: softest
IPA transcription: [s'ɔftəst]
Usage examples
  • The softest carpets and rugs covered the floors; rich and tasteful draperies hung at doors and windows.
  • Inside was a great hall, and in the middle of the hall a throne set with precious stones and a sofa spread with the softest cushions.
  • Into the room there sprang a beautiful little King Charles spaniel, white, with tan spots, and ears of the longest, softest, and silkiest.
  • This room--which her aunt had told her was just opposite Marjorie's--was all furnished in the softest shades of brown and blue, her favourite colours.
  • It was the softest, mildest voice--the voice of one long used to oppression; and the young man whom Ursula had supposed to be a Catholic appeared from behind the loom.
  • But aloft over its ridge the moon floated in the softest, loveliest blue, with just a cloud here and there to show how blue it was, and a sparkle where its blueness took fire in a star.
  • That to be clothed in sackcloth is better than any purple robe; that sleeping on the bare ground is the softest couch; and in proof of each assertion he points to his own courage, constancy, and freedom; to his own healthy and muscular frame.
  • Her voice, from seeming feeble and monotonous, became clear and penetrating: it was varied, with the nicest discrimination, for the expression of every character, changing its modulation from tones of softest sensibility, to those of archest humour; and from reasoning severity, to those of uncultured rusticity.