Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: soothed
IPA transcription: [s'uðd]
Usage examples
  • How it soothed and comforted her.
  • She soothed, she expostulated, she condoled, she coaxed.
  • "Whoa, boy," he soothed, patting the animal gently on the neck.
  • His nerves being soothed by the stillness, Popopo began to enjoy himself.
  • She knelt down by him, and soothed and petted and talked to him, while the good clergyman examined the injured leg.
  • It was warm and soft and sweet-smelling; it soothed away the hurt of his aching muscles and the sting of his scratches.
  • Now she touched my hair with a lofty playfulness that soothed me: but even then I looked upon the rumpled bed, and saw that the man there was really very sick.
  • Poor grandma was conscience-stricken, drew me into her own room, and did not let me leave it until after she had soothed my hurts and we had become friends again.
  • Jos, a little testy about his father's misfortunes and unceremonious applications to him, was soothed down by the Major, who pointed out the elder's ill fortunes and old age.
  • Company was irksome to me; when alone, I could fill my mind with the sights of heaven and earth; the voice of Henry soothed me, and I could thus cheat myself into a transitory peace.