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Word: sorrows
IPA transcription: [s'ɑɹoʊz]
Usage examples
  • Mrs. Parker's Sorrows
  • O, sir! you are a stranger to the cause of my sorrows."
  • Perhaps this final cruelty of Grognon would be the end of her sorrows.
  • These sorrows made him throw himself into his work with greater earnestness.
  • Yet beyond that I see new sorrows; but I can bear them as I have borne the past.'
  • "Run up, Walter," Sir John exclaimed, "maybe the countess is distraught with her sorrows."
  • Mr Lammle bestows a by no means loving look upon the partner of his joys and sorrows, and he mutters something; but checks himself.
  • It was, of course, a comfort to have some one to share his sorrows; but it pained his tender heart to make another help bear his burdens.
  • Thus sorrow had become a kind of passion with him, even a kind of connoisseurship; and he had come, so to say, to be a collector of sorrows.