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Word: sprague
IPA transcription: [spɹ'eɪɡ]
Usage examples
  • This is the way I figure it out: Sprague has good reason to be afraid he's next on the program.
  • "Sprague's hat?" he asked, pointing to a brightly banded straw which lay upon the top of the cabinet.
  • Collins--the lad I sent to check up on the taxi companies--says he's located the driver that answered Sprague's call last night.
  • The driver says he was called about 9:15, told to come immediately, and to wait for Sprague at the foot of the hill, on the main road.
  • Of course, nobody knew Sprague was in here, and since his hat and stick was both missing from the hall closet, they took it for granted he'd beat it....
  • Not until he had taken in the general aspect of the room did Dundee look at the thing over which Captain Strawn and the coroner were bending--the body of Dexter Sprague.
  • "I was, except Sprague, of course, and I had no idea he'd gone there. Drake wanted to play anagrams, and before the bridge game started, I went to the trophy room to get the box," Miles explained.
  • The one visible eye was half open, but on the sallow, thin face, which had been strikingly handsome in an obvious sort of way, was a peace and dignity which Dundee had never seen upon Sprague's face when the man was alive.
  • Once before--on Sunday, the day after Nita Selim's murder, when he had come to interview Lydia Carr and had secured the alibi which had eliminated Dexter Sprague as a suspect--Dundee had driven his car up this hill between the tall yew hedges.