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Word: squadron
IPA transcription: [skw'ɑdɹən]
Pronunciations of squadron
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: squadron
    Meaning: a cavalry unit consisting of two or more troops and headquarters and supporting arms
  • Synonyms: squadron
    Meaning: an air force unit larger than a flight and smaller than a group
Usage examples
  • Hull put out his boats to tow the Constitution; Broke summoned the boats of the squadron to tow the Shannon.
  • Drawing little water, a small squadron of these craft could be pushed up almost any creek, or lie hidden behind a rock, till the enemy came in sight.
  • I have letters from him desiring me to equip a supplementary squadron and raise a body of not less than a thousand men to reenforce him on his arrival.
  • The commander-in-chief of this squadron was Oliver de Noort, a man at that time about thirty or thereabouts, and well known as having made several long cruising voyages.
  • Immediately on leaving the governor's, Nicholas hired post horses and, taking his squadron quartermaster with him, drove at a gallop to the landowner, fourteen miles away, who had the stud.
  • A squadron of magnificent body-guards, with their clarions at their head, were descending the Avenue de Neuilly; the white flag, showing faintly rosy in the setting sun, floated over the dome of the Tuileries.
  • After ravaging, plundering, and burning several towns on the Peruvian coast, after sinking all the vessels that he met with, and amassing a considerable booty, De Noort, hearing that a squadron commanded by the brother of the viceroy, Don Luis de Velasco, had been sent in pursuit of him, judged it time to make for the Ladrone Islands, where he anchored on the 16th of September.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording George VI, License CC BY-SA 4.0