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Word: stalked
IPA transcription: [st'ɔkt]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: pedunculate, stalked
    Meaning: having or growing on or from a peduncle or stalk; "a pedunculate flower"; "a pedunculate barnacle is attached to the substrate by a fleshy foot or stalk"
Usage examples
  • With these words he turned on his heel and stalked away.
  • With these words she turned and stalked across the field to the road, where her runabout stood.
  • All then stalked off in consternation, to get somebody as directed, without any idea of who it was to be.
  • After the class the pink-checked girl (whose name most appropriately was Deborah) stalked William for several yards and finally cornered him.
  • Never has such a shadow-play been seen, perhaps, as that below, where death stalked in dense darkness, and the slayer did not even see his victim.
  • Sabre stalked majestically to her side, and laid his head upon her knee. Theo stroked him softly, raising her eyes quite seriously to Mr. Oglethorpe's face.
  • 'Leave her alone, leave her alone,' said Festus, his gaze blackening. 'Now I think of it I am glad she can't come with me, for I am engaged;' and he stalked away.
  • Jo saw and understood the look, and she stalked grimly away to get wine and beef tea, muttering to herself as she slammed the door, "I hate estimable young men with brown eyes!"
  • When stars are glowing through day's gloaming glow, Reflecting from ocean's deep, mighty flow, At twilight, when no grim shadows of night, Like ghouls, have stalked in wake of the light.
  • His head was immovable; nor did he betray the slightest consciousness that any were present, except when his haughty eye rolled toward the dusky forms of the warriors, who stalked in the background silent and sullen observers of the scene.