Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: stalks
IPA transcription: [st'ɔks]
Usage examples
  • It is still in full vigour, and there are many water-plants and stalks in the way.
  • When the days grow cold and the nights are clear, There stalks abroad the spirit of fear.
  • Then he makes an arched bundle of grass stalks in imitation of a rainbow, and sets it up over the snake.
  • It is only like this that their value as outdoor plants can be tested; for many of the show sorts have miserably weak stalks, and a very poor, lanky habit of growth.
  • Through the glass could be seen swimming fishes, and tall stalks of swaying seaweeds, for the water was clear as crystal and through it they could distinguish even the farther shore of the lake.
  • Remove them and in the same butter place two onions, sliced, four green peppers minced, one can of mushrooms minced, and two stalks of celery chopped; salt, pepper, cayenne, and the juice of a lime. Cook until these ingredients are soft.
  • After the bare yellow stubble and all the reds and browns of a California summer landscape, its rich dark green color and its stanch, strong stalks made it seem a very plain honest sort of field, and its greenness was most grateful to eyes unused to the bright colors and strong lights of California.
  • First of all, the soft wind blowing gently through the dry stalks of the heather and its thousands of little bells raised a sweet rustling, which the princess took for the hissing of serpents, for you know she had been naughty for so long that she could not in a great many things tell the good from the bad.