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Word: stealthy
IPA transcription: [st'ɛlθi]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: furtive, sneak(a), sneaky, stealthy, surreptitious
    Meaning: marked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed; "a furtive manner"; "a sneak attack"; "stealthy footsteps"; "a surreptitious glance at his watch"
Usage examples
  • That would have accounted for his stealthy movements and also for the uneasiness of his wife.
  • This, then, was the explanation of the stealthy expeditions at night and the light at the window.
  • Nessus issued from his hiding place, and, with steps as silent and stealthy as those of a tiger tracking his prey, followed the man.
  • It was evidently intended to give some sign to the negro, for he came, in his usual stealthy way, quietly in by the hall door, which was open.
  • Sam thought of roving, marauding Mexicans, of stealthy cougars that sometimes invaded the ranches, of rattlesnakes, centipedes, and a dozen possible dangers.
  • In their noiseless tread and stealthy movements, we are reminded of the frequent importance of secresy and caution prior to action, while their promptitude at the right moment, warns us, on the other hand, against the evils of irresolution and delay.
  • Leaving the aged men and boys to protect the women and children, those dark-skinned warriors marched away to battle--not with the flaunting banners and martial music of civilised man, but with the profound silence and the stealthy tread of the savage.
  • The dark and gloomy silence that hung between those two walls of rock, the death-like desolation, the stealthy windings of the creek--everything in that dim and mysterious world between the two mountains, unshattered by sound and impenetrable to the winter sun, seemed in his mind to link itself with the tragedy of long ago.