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Word: stonewall
IPA transcription: [st'oʊnw,ɔl]
Pronunciations of stonewall
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: stonewall
    Meaning: engage in delaying tactics or refuse to cooperate; "The President stonewalled when he realized the plot was being uncovered by a journalist"
  • Synonyms: stonewall
    Meaning: obstruct or hinder any discussion; "Nixon stonewalled the Watergate investigation"; "When she doesn't like to face a problem, she simply stonewalls"
Usage examples
  • Haig somewhat resembled another Southern leader, Stonewall Jackson, in his piety.
  • They say that Stonewall Jackson never sleeps, and they make no mistake, when they call his infantry foot cavalry!"
  • Thus perished Stonewall Jackson, one of the ablest of soldiers and one of the most upright of men, in the last of his many triumphs.
  • In the first battle in which Jackson took part, the confused struggle at Bull Run, he gained his name of Stonewall from the firmness with which he kept his men to their work and repulsed the attack of the Union troops.
  • In dash and light-hearted daring, Custer and Kearney stood as conspicuous as Stuart and Morgan; and, on the other hand, no Northern general approached the Roundhead type--the type of the stern, religious warriors who fought under Cromwell--so closely as Stonewall Jackson.
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