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Word: strata
IPA transcription: [stɹ'ætə]
Pronunciations of strata
Usage examples
  • The adjacent strata may be changed only in color, hardness, and texture.
  • During her reign the entire Strata echoed to banged doors, dropped china, and slammed furniture.
  • The strata which were once horizontal are now so no longer--they have been tilted and upheaved, bent and distorted, in many places.
  • I noted that the ice layers were pressing out over thin dirt bands as though the latter made the cleavage lines over which the strata slid.
  • During the next three days, until after the funeral at the shabby little South Boston house, Eliza spent only about half of each day at the Strata.
  • Bertram told a friend afterwards that he never knew the meaning of the word "chaos" until he had seen the Strata during the weeks immediately following the laying away of his old servant.
  • To answer these questions I started out on a tour of the representative eating-places of some of our best known strata of society, and, whatever my conclusions are, you may be sure that they are thoroughly inexpert.
  • These polyps grow exclusively in the agitated strata at the surface of the sea, and so it's in the upper reaches that they begin these substructures, which sink little by little together with the secreted rubble binding them.
  • On behalf of the Mensheviki, Khintchuk then announced that the only possibility of a peaceful solution was to begin negotiations with the Provisional Government for the formation of a new Cabinet, which would find support in all strata of society.
  • The rapidity with which women are going into industry, the increasing hardship and poverty of the lower strata of society, the arousing of public conscience, have all operated to give force and volume to the demand for woman's right to control her own body that she may work out her own salvation.
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