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Word: strenuous
IPA transcription: [stɹ'ɛnjuəs]
Pronunciations of strenuous
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: strenuous
    Meaning: characterized by or performed with much energy or force; "strenuous exercise"
Usage examples
  • The Socialist Party is a strenuous worker for peace.
  • I once made a speech to which I gave the title "The Strenuous Life." Afterwards I published a volume of essays with this for a title.
  • "Mr. Pedagog and the Poet and Mr. Bib may lead the strenuous life, but as for mine the simple life is the thing. I'm not striving after the unattainable.
  • Every winter many unnecessary deaths occur because people--especially older persons, but younger ones as well--engage in more strenuous physical activity than their bodies can stand.
  • Here he and his partner had in a few months of strenuous labor taken from the narrow and unimportant rivulet more wealth than most could save in a lifetime of patient and thrifty toil.
  • The quadruplex was the tempting goal toward which Edison now constantly turned, and after more than a year's strenuous work he filed a number of applications for patents in the late summer of 1874.
  • Henriette made off at once for Providence by motor-car, and got the midnight train out of Boston for the city where, from what I learned afterwards, she must have put in a strenuous day on Thursday.
  • That is the only way I can see for us to build up a woman of the future who will be able to cope with the strenuous life that is involved to-day in the purchase of a cake of soap to send to one's grandmother at Christmas.
  • A couple of terms at Queen's College, Oxford, followed the London experience, but here the conditions were too easy and luxurious for one who, by both inheritance and training, had within him the incentive to the strenuous life.
  • The necessity for work of such a strenuous nature in the mere preliminaries of the process of planting a garden is due to the fact that the average back-yard has, up till the present time, been behaving less like a garden than anything else in the world.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Ulysses (poem), License CC BY-SA 4.0