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Word: studded
IPA transcription: [st'ʌdɪd]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: studded
    Meaning: dotted or adorned with or as with studs or nailheads; usually used in combination; "star-studded heavens"; "diamond-studded belt"
Usage examples
  • On its top shelf was Book Three, a book a foot thick and bound in heavy brass studded with semi-precious stones in the form of signs and symbols.
  • Made of silver and rock crystal, studded with diamonds and pearls, and hung about with sheer curtains of embroidered yellow silk, the palanquin belonged without doubt to a young girl of the royal house.
  • For several seconds, Jean Valjean was irresistibly overcome by that august and caressing serenity; such moments of oblivion do come to men; suffering refrains from harassing the unhappy wretch; everything is eclipsed in the thoughts; peace broods over the dreamer like night; and, beneath the twilight which beams and in imitation of the sky which is illuminated, the soul becomes studded with stars.