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Word: stumps
IPA transcription: [st'ĘŚmps]
Usage examples
  • The stumps of both masts were blazing.
  • "There are short stumps of branches left to climb on.
  • The tracker, stooping as he spoke, picked up a brace of cigar stumps, and handed them to the major.
  • My shins and knees were bruised much in the fall against one of the stumps; and I had like to have been suffocated in water and mud.
  • Some trees are mere storm-beaten stumps about as broad as long, decorated with a few leafy sprays, reminding one of the crumbling towers of old castles scantily draped with ivy.
  • Along most of its extent it was lined with thick-set young spruces crowding down to the roadway, with here and there a break where the back field of a Spencervale farm came out to the fence or an expanse of stumps was aflame with fireweed and goldenrod.