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Word: subscribe
IPA transcription: [səbskɹ'aɪb]
Pronunciations of subscribe
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: subscribe
    Meaning: offer to buy, as of stocks and shares; "The broker subscribed 500 shares"
  • Synonyms: sign, subscribe
    Meaning: mark with one's signature; write one's name (on); "She signed the letter and sent it off"; "Please sign here"
  • Synonyms: subscribe, support
    Meaning: adopt as a belief; "I subscribe to your view on abortion"
Usage examples
  • Fifteen of his friends promised to subscribe for it.
  • But," he added, thoughtfully, "a few among them might subscribe, if your country sheet contains any news of interest at all.
  • "But it knows any friend it has met once before: It never will look at a bribe: And in charity-meetings it stands at the door, And collects--though it does not subscribe.
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