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Word: successively
IPA transcription: [səks'ɛsɪvli]
Pronunciations of successively
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: successively, in_turn
    Meaning: in proper order or sequence; "talked to each child in turn"; "the stable became in turn a chapel and then a movie theater"
Usage examples
  • "This voice was heard three years successively, but no one was converted.
  • He was successively at Fort Bayard, Fort Stanton, and Fort Wingate, all in New Mexico, in the center of troubled country.
  • "I do not know; I have only heard that an emperor of China had an oven built expressly, and that in this oven twelve jars like this were successively baked.
  • If the zone of asteroids had a common point through which they all successively passed, they could be unhesitatingly asserted to be the remains of an exploded planet.
  • Mr. Booth now opened his packet, and, after unfolding several pieces of blank paper successively, at last discovered a guinea, wrapt with great care in the inmost paper.
  • None of the important cities on its banks below Vicksburg had yet been fortified, and, without serious opposition, they surrendered as the Union ships successively reached them.
  • I was sensibly afflicted, and went to the public burying-place, where there were several tombs like that which I had seen: I spent the day in viewing them one after another, but could not find that I sought for, and thus I spent four days successively in vain.
  • There were troops of guards mounted on horseback and splendidly caparisoned--there were bands of music, and heralds, and great officers of state, bearing successively, on cushions ornamented with gold and jewels, the imperial mantle, the globe, the sceptre, and the crown.
  • The guide-book told me so, vouchsafing also the information that after building the house he "interested himself actively in local affairs, became a naturalized citizen, and served successively as postmaster, alderman, and mayor"--a model immigrant, surely, though it is rather the way of immigrants, perhaps, not to refuse political responsibilities.
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