Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: surged
IPA transcription: [s'ɝdʒd]
Usage examples
  • The blood must have surged, in those moments.
  • For the same space of time the past surged up in him confusedly; then a veil dropped between them.
  • Swirling, jumping, running, leaping, gamboling, crying--the new humanity surged to man's cities, his rockets, his mines.
  • From right to left of the huge interior, across the platforms, swelling every instant, surged an enormous swaying, roaring crowd.
  • Never was seen such an army, pitiful, futile, unfit; Never was seen such a spirit, manifold courage and grit. Never has been such a cohort under one banner unrolled As surged to the ragged-edged Arctic, urged by the arch-tempter--Gold.
  • And often the sea retreats far out along the shore, and often wave by wave comes marching in with the sound of the tramping of armies, that all may still remember the great fight that surged about Tintaggon once, when he guarded the gods and the green earth against Slid.
  • A flight of smooth double chins led down to the dizzy depths of a still-snowy bosom veiled in snowy muslins that were held in place by a miniature portrait of the late Mr. Mingott; and around and below, wave after wave of black silk surged away over the edges of a capacious armchair, with two tiny white hands poised like gulls on the surface of the billows.