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Word: surmounted
IPA transcription: [sɚm'aʊntɪd]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: surmounted
    Meaning: having something on top; "columns surmounted by statues"
Usage examples
  • And Jim hurled himself like a madman against the stairs, and surmounted them with two bounds.
  • Entwined on every side, surrounded and surmounted, the bush disappears from view, veiled in white muslin.
  • She was obliged to pass between the point of the jetty, surmounted by a beacon just lighted, and a rock which jutted out.
  • They walked beneath the venerable flanking trees toward the Maxineff villa, which surmounted a wooded continuation of the street.
  • This platform, with the steps leading to it, was carpeted with crimson velvet, and it was surmounted by a splendid canopy made of silk, embroidered with gold.
  • Had Minette been a Thomas, a whiskered fur-collared Philander, he would most probably have surmounted that unmanly weakness, and received all favours as but his due.
  • In these sheltered lakes the little coloured flowers swam and slid; surmounted smooth slippery waves, and sometimes foundered and lay like pebbles on the glass floor.
  • He bestowed the same attention upon the cambric front of a shirt, which had considerably changed in color since his entrance into the prison, and he polished his varnished boots with the corner of a handkerchief embroidered with initials surmounted by a coronet.
  • Remember the magnificent oval guard-room, running into a vestibule at either end; the egg-chamber slung in the centre and isolated on every side by half a score of pillars; the front-hall expanding into a wide mouth and surmounted by a network of taut threads forming a trap.
  • It was quite manifest, that she had not let a single opportunity slide, but seized the first chance and arrived partly by means of the Underground Rail Road and partly by the regular train. Many difficulties were surmounted before and after leaving Richmond, by which they earned their merited success.