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Word: swiftest
IPA transcription: [sw'ɪftəst]
Usage examples
  • I have a monoplane zat is ze swiftest evaire!
  • You may go." Then she turned to the groom: "My coach and the four swiftest horses in the stables, to be ready at once."
  • Jackson might come, but it would only be with a part of his force, that which marched the swiftest, and the victory of the Army of the Potomac would be all the grander.
  • Never pupil was more humble, never pupil more obedient; thinking nothing of himself or of anything he had done or could do, his path was open to the swiftest and highest growth.
  • He turned and looked on all sides round him, till he saw the Argo and her crew; and when he saw them he came toward them, more swiftly than the swiftest horse, leaping across the glens at a bound, and striding at one step from down to down.