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Word: sworn
IPA transcription: [sw'ɔɹn]
Pronunciations of sworn
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: pledged, sworn
    Meaning: bound by or as if by an oath; "according to an early tradition became his sworn brother"; "sworn enemies"
Usage examples
  • As soon as she was sworn in she burst into tears.
  • I've sworn to amend, and every day I've done the same filthy things.
  • Mrs. Gaspard!" And the other woman came forward to face the coroner and his jury, and was sworn.
  • For my part, I have sworn fidelity to my work of demolition, and I will not cease to pursue the truth through the ruins and rubbish.
  • He could have sworn, and he could swear now, that unmistakable consent was in her eyes, but, coyly, she would give him no direct answer.
  • One of these was Trooper O'Roon, who was not seasoned to potent liquids. His legs declined to fulfil the obligations they had sworn to the police department.
  • he never liked your marrying Mr. Hale, but if he could have known it would have come to this, he would have sworn worse oaths than ever, if that was possible!"'
  • That awful oath, sworn so solemnly, had been her relentless tyrant; and her religion--a religion of superstition and of false ideals--had blinded her, and dragged her into crime.
  • It is exactly the opposite. They agree in machinery; almost every great religion on earth works with the same external methods, with priests, scriptures, altars, sworn brotherhoods, special feasts.
  • He saw the Army which he had sworn to serve faithfully becoming prostituted by this same power, and used at times for purposes of intimidation and petty conquests where the interests of wealth were at stake.
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