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Word: syllables
IPA transcription: [s'ɪləbəlz]
Pronunciations of syllables
Usage examples
  • Contains 26 letters and only three syllables.
  • "I have not wanted syllables where actions have spoken so plainly.
  • 'Oh, but you know you are,' drawled on the slightly hesitating long-drawn syllables; 'it's your parochial metier.
  • You do not refuse to engage in the automobile business because the carburetor and the differential are words of four syllables.
  • In newspaper offices you belong at once or you never belong; and to belong is to have your name sheared to as few syllables as possible.
  • Not knowing that the syllables of a Dakota's cry are the names of loved ones gone, the ugly toad mother sought to please the boy's ear with the names of valuable articles.
  • Her name, Luar, was a strange one, and Sarka studied it for many minutes, rolling the odd syllables of it over his tongue, wondering where, on the Earth, he had heard names, or words, similar to it.
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