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Word: tan
IPA transcription: [t'├Žn]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: tan
    Meaning: of a light yellowish-brown color
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: tan, suntan, sunburn, burn
    Meaning: a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun
  • Synonyms: tan, topaz
    Meaning: a light brown the color of topaz
Usage examples
  • I wore my nile-green silk, which I am afraid showed off my splendid coat of tan only too well.
  • Bright among withdrawn blessings now appeared to him the ghosts of pot roasts and the salad with tan polish dressing.
  • His skin was dark--not too dark--just a good healthy out-door tan: his brows level and heavy, his gaze candour itself.
  • A bed of straw and old rags was made for me in a big trough called the tan trough (a trough having been used for tanning purposes).
  • The boy's dress was rich and expensive, even to his fine silk stockings and tan shoes; but the umbrella looked old and disreputable.
  • Into the room there sprang a beautiful little King Charles spaniel, white, with tan spots, and ears of the longest, softest, and silkiest.
  • Mrs. Gould, raising her eyes to her husband's thin, red and tan face, could not detect the slightest quiver of a feature at what he must have heard said of his patriotism.
  • She glanced about the rusty office--gaunt stove, shelves of tan law-books, desk-chair filled with newspapers so long sat upon that they were in holes and smudged to grayness.
  • The captain turned the colour of brick dust under his tan, and forwarded the letter, after adding a few comments, per ranger Private Bill Adamson, to ranger Lieutenant Sandridge, camped at a water hole on the Nueces with a squad of five men in preservation of law and order.