Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: tapers
IPA transcription: [t'eɪpɚz]
Usage examples
  • The front-entrance broadens into a gallery; the back-entrance tapers into a funnel-neck.
  • With that Sir Launcelot saw the candlestick with the six tapers come before the cross, and he saw nobody that brought it.
  • It had, as we have in our mosques, a niche, to direct us whither we are to turn to say our prayers: there were also lamps hung up, and two candlesticks with large tapers of white wax burning.
  • All the little churches--those at least that the barbarians have not destroyed--had been decorated that day with all that the villages could muster in the way of flags, banners, tapers and wreaths.
  • All this made Merlin by his subtle craft, and there he told the king, When I am dead these tapers shall burn no longer, and soon after the adventures of the Sangreal shall come among you and be achieved.
  • In the middle of the court was a catafalque, raised about two yards above the ground and covered completely by an immense canopy of black velvet, and on the steps all round it white wax tapers burned in more than a hundred silver candlesticks.