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Word: termed
IPA transcription: [t'ɝmd]
Pronunciations of termed
Usage examples
  • This man--Harrison Van Doren by name--had what was termed the best jewelry trade in Colchester.
  • He is a proud man, as he has every reason to be, and it pleases him to be termed Emperor rather than King."
  • Logicians formerly termed the universal, matter, the specific difference of this or that part of the universal, form.
  • The country is, perhaps, too thinly inhabited to produce many of that description of thieves termed footpads, or highwaymen.
  • "A gentleman!--what sort of a gentleman?" said my companion somewhat hastily--his mind, I suppose, running on gentlemen of the pad, as they were then termed.
  • It might with propriety, perhaps, be termed the malady of genius; the cause of that characteristic melancholy which "grows with its growth, and strengthens with its strength."
  • These may be termed vexatious; still the death of the king, by saving them from the consequences his ambition would naturally have entailed on them, may be reckoned a blessing.
  • The farce, termed ballet, was a kind of pantomime, the childish incidents of which were sufficient to show the state of the dramatic art in Denmark, and the gross taste of the audience.
  • Upon a dim, warm, misty day, toward the close of November, and during the strange interregnum of the seasons which in America is termed the Indian Summer, Mr. Bedloe departed as usual for the hills.
  • He was not displeased at the discovery; on the contrary, he looked forward with all the keener anticipation to the pleasure of what he mentally termed the "taming" process, once she was fairly within his power.
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