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Word: thereby
IPA transcription: [ð'ɛɹb'aɪ]
Pronunciations of thereby
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: thereby
    Meaning: by that means or because of that; "He knocked over the red wine, thereby ruining the table cloth"
Usage examples
  • Are they thereby excused?
  • Do they thereby commit a sin?
  • Why not destroy flowers if thereby we can evolve new forms ennobling the world idea?
  • Nay, it may even reduce it to nothing, without nature thereby failing of her purpose.
  • Our most elaborate and rationally consistent thought has to be tried in the world and thereby tried out.
  • Now the proper operation of man as man is to understand; because he thereby surpasses all other animals.
  • The evils thereby affecting the superior class are less material and less perceptible, but equally real.
  • It will give our courts a political and partisan character, thereby impairing public confidence in their decisions.
  • Cats, however, will never smell the same thing twice over, thereby showing a retentive as well as an acquiring faculty.
  • And then when Sir Tristram came toward the old manor he found the track of many horses, and thereby he wist his lady was gone.
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