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Word: thorpe
IPA transcription: [θ'ɔɹp]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Thorpe, Jim_Thorpe, James_Francis_Thorpe
    Meaning: outstanding United States athlete (1888-1953)
Usage examples
  • "Pray, pray stop, Mr. Thorpe.
  • "You croaking fellow!" cried Thorpe.
  • "Isabella, my brother, and Mr. Thorpe, I declare!
  • It was, "Have you ever read 'Udolpho,' Mr. Thorpe?"
  • "And I think," he said, "you gave me Mr. Thorpe's address?" Mr. Thorpe was the secretary.
  • She saw them both looking back at her. "Stop, stop, Mr. Thorpe," she impatiently cried; "it is Miss Tilney; it is indeed.
  • "Not they indeed," cried Thorpe; "for, as we turned into Broad Street, I saw them--does he not drive a phaeton with bright chestnuts?"
  • John Thorpe was soon with them, and his voice was with them yet sooner, for on the stairs he was calling out to Miss Morland to be quick.
  • He has his vanities as well as Miss Thorpe, and the chief difference is, that, having a stronger head, they have not yet injured himself.
  • They exchanged visits frequently when the duties of both permitted, and the Doctor reflected that, when Ralph came, Thorpe would be lonely.